UPSC classes in Andheri

UPSC classes in Andheri

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Overview of the UPSC Preliminary and Main Examination Series.

The Union Public Service Commissions Civil Service Exam is one of the most competitive and regarded as one of the most difficult tests in the nation. It seeks to appoint the brightest minds in India to the civil service.

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Toppers around the nation have given our academys exam series high marks. We provide both offline and online versions of our courses. With Prelims, Mains, and an Integrated Test Series in addition to our course for both Prelims and Mains preparation, we guarantee that the preparation is thorough. The success rate of our program (prelims and mains) is well known. Experts in this discipline prepare the questions, which are then assessed by the nations top students.

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There are three essential tools you must arm yourself with in order to fulfil your dreams and unleash the IAS Officer within you: 1. A plan that works for you, 2. The best strategy for accelerating progress, and 3. Unwavering guidance.

Process and Period: 

At UPSC classes in Andheri, we conduct the "Prelim Test Series," consisting of 32 weeks of objective type tests on GS and CSAT, before the Prelim exam. The "Preliminary Test Series" confers multiple benefits to the candidates. It induces focus, discipline, and regularity in an exceedingly well-prepared candidates preparation.

(It should be emphasized that the applicants are only deemed to qualify for the most exams based on the marks they received in GS. Marks scored in CSAT don’t seem to be considered, but the minimum qualifying marks in CSAT is 33% within the CSAT paper without attaining which the scholar cannot clear the Prelim Examination)

Relevance/Ideology behind Tests: 

Explanations: To produce a thought about the methodology to be adopted by the scholars to arrange their subjects, explanations are given by subject experts at our UPSC classes in Andheri within the" Classroom Prelim Test Series" for the questions in such a way so that the candidates understand how the subject of the question must be prepared/analyzed. For the benefit of the scholars joining the "Online Prelim Test Series," we also provide video lectures (explanations given within the Classroom Prelim Test Series) at the UPSC classes in Andheri.

OMR and Overall Rank

General Studies Main Exam Test Series

Both the net GS Main exam Series and Classroom GS Main Test series have an identical number of tests (two standalone exams for the 4 papers of General Studies conducted on weekends and one comprehensive test for all 4 papers conducted over two days, totaling 12 tests)

The frequency of tests and marks 

The tests are conducted every two weeks; therefore, the marks are 250 for every GS test.


The examination is held for approximately 12 weeks, starting in June.

Pedagogy of the GS Main Test Series: 

The Main Examination at the UPSC classes in Andheri is meant to assess candidate’s intellectual traits and depth of understanding instead of merely the range of their information and memory. The character and standard of questions within the General Studies papers check a candidate’s general awareness of a range of subjects, which can have relevance for a career in Civil Services. The questions are likely to check the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues and skills to investigate and view conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives, and demands.

The Civil Services Exam has become challenging to qualify for because of negative marking. In some cases, students who have not practiced the target questions realize within the exam hall their unpreparedness for the surprises thrown at them by the UPSC. In such a scenario, the candidates should fine-tune their GS and CSAT preparations by attending as many tests as possible. It guides them to develop a more robust understanding of the concepts, basic principles, and factual aspects of the Prelim subjects.

The Prelim tests are written on an OMR sheet along the lines of the UPSC exam. (OMR and Overall Rank: The Preliminary exams are administered using an OMR sheet similar to the UPSC examination.) To produce a comparative analysis of the candidates performance, the Institute will publish on its website each week the ranks, total scores, negative marks, net scores obtained by all its candidates taking the tests at various centers. (Its applicants take the exams at various facilities.)