NDA classes in Dadar

nda classes in dadar

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The National Defence Academy is a department of the Union Public Service Commission, which the Indian government appoints to numerous defence-related positions. NDAs full form is National Defence Academy. Under the UPSC, two types of exams & many posts are available, like Defence & Civil. So the NDA is under the Defence. Many sub-examinations are included in the NDA exam. The Army, Navy, and Air Force make up the first three divisions under the NDA and Pioneer NDA classes in Dadar prepare students on the three divisions.

The NDA test is administered by the Union Public Service Commission and is conducted twice a year in April and September. Prior to 2021, UPSC only allowed male applicants to be considered for the NDA examination; however from  2021, female applicants will also be considered. We at Pioneer NDA classes in Dadar train both males and females The candidates who passed the written test will be contacted for the SSB interview.

In this article, every aspect of the NDA examination eligibility is covered in detail. Below are the details :


Candidates can apply for the NDA examination after the 10th standard by joining our NDA classes in Dadar. The service Selection Board checks the candidates height, chest, & weight and its very important for defence candidates. NDA Candidates are supposed to be physically fit. Fitness is considered to be a crucial factor for NDA Physical tests.

Age limit

Age limit is an important factor in NDA. UPSC has set the age limit for NDA aspirants. The age limit for NDA aspirants is 16.5 years to 19.5 years.

Exam Pattern:

The NDA test is led in 2 phases:

1. the Primary stage is the composed test

2. the second stage is the SSB interview round.

The Duration Of the SSB interview round is for 5 days

Here are the some important things to know just before NDA Exam

Know how to study

You need to learn notes on fluctuated points, and you can explore those subjects that are available in the NDA test prospectus. Disarray can occur assuming you read any new subject the day preceding showing up for the test without concentrating on the old ones. You shouldnt become apprehensive as anxiety can upgrade your feelings of anxiety.

Truly investigate your capability principles

The people who will turn into a military official, they ought to look at specific model to take the NDA test. The standards incorporate age, identity, orientation. The male applicants, who have not hitched, they can show up in the selection test of NDA and not young ladies. You ought to be an occupant of India, Bhutan or Nepal. On the off chance that you live in different nations, like Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam and need to settle down in India for all time, you can apply for this test. Any up-and-comer brought into the world before second July of the year 2000 and second January of the year 2001 isnt permitted to sit two times for the NDA test in 2019. Each individual needs to finish till the twelfth norm in school from a perceived instructive organization.

A tip

Each up-and-comer ought to concentrate on the points that are given in the NDA test prospectus prior to beginning the readiness. You should not cheat from anyone while giving your test. Also, you shouldnt attempt to investigate the response sheet of different understudies as though you are found doing cheating, you would be rebuffed. You ought to be genuinely and intellectually fit to break your NDA test. Assuming you have any serious medical issues, you wouldnt be chosen in the end regardless of whether your scores are great.


You should stay mindful while filling your OMR sheet in light of the fact that any minor slip-up can dismiss your OMR sheet and you wouldnt have the option to take the NDA test once more. You should stay amenable with the invigilator and different educators in the assessment corridor if not you can be rebuffed. You should not burn through any time recorded as a hard copy only one inquiry as time is short. Then again, you can go through subjects, for example, physical science, science, science, history of the world, verifiable occasions of India for planning for the segment of general information. You ought to take your ID card of the test, Aadhar Card, Dish card in the test corridor.

Things you can take and stay away from

The contender for the NDA test need to take a dark pen with them and not the gel pen in the test community. Furthermore, you can bring the clipboard, eraser, and H.B. pencil. In any case, any competitor cant bring embellishments consolidating a number cruncher, cell phone in the test places. Any individual isnt permitted to bring notes, books, maps, log tables in the test corridor.


The individual taking the NDA test needs to compose the chronic number of his test booklet and answer sheet. The individual needs to put his particular accurately in the right segment next to your name. You wouldnt get checks or negative stamping for the inquiries that were left clear.

Utilize all amazing open doors

Simply attempt to comprehend the notes you are perusing and considering. Be that as it may, you might fail to remember what you are realizing whether you

  • Concentrate on the notes without understanding
  • Try not to take adequate rest every day.

You can understand magazines, reading material on fitness, and thinking, diaries, paper sites. The subjects consolidating establishment dates of acts, particular occasions in India (send off of satellites, creations), ongoing changes done in the demonstrations are significant for your tests. You can tackle the test papers of subjects, like English, Material science, Science, and others at the school level to acquire information. You can tackle the test papers of Science that you used to settle in your school or school days.

Take help

You can begin taking a class in a training community prior to taking the NDA test. The expert educators would give ideas to understudies on how they can improve their jargon in English; learn new words by understanding articles, paper sites. The educators can let you know what sort of aggregates might come in unmistakable segments. You can peruse the audits of the understudies on the authority site of the training community and afterward take affirmation in this middle.